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"So lucky to have Sally and Top Seed Paddle right here on the North Shore"

"I’ve done both the 2- and 3-day Top Seed paddle camps, and I highly recommend both. You get 12 seasoned pros from all over the world in both camps, each teaching you their specialty and offering their perspective on the game. The camp is well-organized, and each station with each pro is a 3:1 ratio, so it’s like getting 12 mini-privates; and they are all so personable and fun! Sally does a Mexican Fiesta one night in both camps, featuring exhibition play while you sip on wine and margaritas and eat great Mexican food. To watch these top-ranked pros that play on the paddle circuit up close and then hang out with them afterward is a total treat. My favorite thing the 3-day camp gives you that the 2-day doesn’t is a beautiful dinner with cocktail hour where it is just a fun, social atmosphere; talking to the pros about their tennis and paddle journeys. The camaraderie of the pros is remarkable and left quite an impression on me.


And Sally doesn’t skimp on the swag…it’s been killer every year!! Top Seed Paddle Camp is “Top Notch” in every way."

Lisa Norcia-Applebaum, Highland Park, IL

"Can't wait for year two!"

"Top Seed Paddle’s first year exceeded expectations. Super well-organized, amazing coaches, lots of paddle, great company and fun! Really helped me learn how much I did not know about the game and gave me tons to work on this season. Improved skills, expanded my shot selection, worked on positioning and strategy. So fun to watch and be coached by the top female players in the country. Can’t wait for year two!"

Courtney Chessen, Winnetka, IL

"Top Seed is truly a top-notch program."

The drills were on-point, interactive, and informative. I believe it took my paddle skill up a few notches for sure. The program led by women, for women really helped hone in on skills that are appropriate to our style of play. I’m ready to sign up again for summer 2017. 


Laura Noble, Wilmette, IL

"What a great time!"

"A camp designed for women, run by women, taught by women from all over who really know their stuff. Incredible enthusiasm, energy, and talent. The pace is fierce - You learn a ton. We spent 6 full hours/day on courts learning, drilling, and playing. Perfect way to tune up and get fine-tuned for season. I learned so much and improved my game all around. We were well fed, well hydrated, and had a lovely dinner celebrating the completion of hard work and great fun. A highlight was a sports psychologist speaking about the mental game of the sport. I would definitely recommend this camp to anyone. You will love it."

Nancy Miller, Atlanta, GA

"Top Seed Paddle was worth every penny...."

"Top Seed Paddle was worth every penny for the paddle-addicted gal like me!  Having the opportunity to learn from SO many high-caliber women pros was amazing. I loved the small group training sessions; they were packed with plenty of individual coaching and tip sharing - perfectly tailored to each of us on the court. Also, the camaraderie, the trainers, the sports psychologist, along with the great meals all made for an unmatched paddle camp! Thank you, Sally!"

Anne Faurot, Kenilworth, IL

"I highly recommend Top Seed Paddle Camp."

"I had a blast last year meeting all of my paddle "idols" - women who are the top paddle pros and players.  Not only did I get to meet the pros from all over the U.S., I was able to learn insights from each of them. It is super to hear the female perspective of how to play the game and win. I also really enjoyed meeting fellow paddle players who attended the camp. I met some fantastic women, and it was great to run into each other throughout the course of the year at tournaments and league matches. Top Seed was run very professionally, yet it had a super fun atmosphere."


Gwen Pontikes, Chicago, IL


"The Top Seed Paddle Camp was such an amazing camp. Very professionally run and extremely organized, with an emphasis on attention to even the smallest details! I learned so much with the unique way the sessions were designed. Having a pro on each court with only 3 ‘students’ was ingenious. The instruction was on such a higher level with this approach. I am so glad I chose to participate in this camp."

Sue Davis, Northbrook, IL

"Loved this paddle camp!"

"I learned a lot AND had a great time! It was great to learn so much about the game from the top women players. So much was packed into this camp. I cannot wait to do it again next year!"

Kim Gruemmer, Northbrook, IL

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